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Building Energy Report Cards

Buildings contribute a large part of the County’s overall energy use, but offer substantial opportunities for reductions, and therefore emissions reductions, without compromising essential services.

Thanks to continued investments in energy efficiency and employee engagement, the County’s buildings carbon footprint is shrinking. The County tracks progress in each building using report cards. The report card shows information including:

The Arlington County building portfolio includes almost 70 buildings, most of them owned and operated by the County. Our inventory totals over 2.3 million square feet of floor area. These buildings have a variety of uses that fall into primary space types listed below. Click on a space type below to see information on the buildings in that category.

Energy use information for 2013 has been added to the Report Cards. The Building Energy Notes for each building will be updated as additional analyses are completed. Because the weather in 2012 was so mild, the AIRE team is working on finding out how much this influence the changes in energy use in Arlington County’s buildings. Stay tuned!


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