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Looking for Last Minute Ideas for Your Holiday Host or Hostess?

Don’t despair!  Sustainable, eco-minded options abound in Arlington.   Whether you want to bring a food item, home décor, or a personal gift, you can find something.

  • Go eco-homemade!  Handmade items can be creative and sentimental gifts that your host will remember.  Check out some ideas for crafts made from reusable materials on our Pinterest page.
  • Go organic! Organic wines, beer, and chocolates are the perfect green indulgences for your host. Ask your local retailers and restaurants for any Thanksgiving specials to score the best prices and support local businesses.
  • Go local! If you’re bringing a side dish to the dinner table this year, consider purchasing and cooking with seasonal vegetables or fruits from your local farmer’s market.
  • Go BPA-free! Non-toxic, reusable plastic containers – such as travel coffee mugs, water bottles, and storage containers – are practical gifts. You could also buy ceramic bowls made from your local pottery retailer or consider investing in cast-iron cookware, both of which are healthier cookware alternatives.
  • Go eco-friendly! There are numerous items on the market that are sustainable and limit the use of resources. Consider kitchen hand towels made from recycled plastic or sustainable bamboo that your host can reuse again and again. You could also choose a soy-based candle for your host or an environmental-themed book to give thanks and show your appreciation.

Don’t forget to encourage your favorite retailers and restaurants to join in on the Arlington Green Games to uncover more ways for them to go green and save green!



By: Ali Minarcick