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A Green New Year

Have you made your New Year’s Resolutions yet? Consider the environment and your consumption habits when outlining your goals for the New Year. Here are some useful tips for you to help make 2013 a greener year!

  1. Metro, bike, or walk to work
  2. Recycle paper at the office and at home
  3. Buy recycled products whenever possible
  4. Borrow book s from the library or consider purchasing an e-reader
  5. Shut off lights anytime you leave the room
  6. Switch all of your light bulbs to CFLs
  7. Avoid energy vampires by using power strips and timers
  8. Invest in ENERGY-STAR qualified products for your home
  9. Improve your yard’s sustainability with a rain garden or rain barrel
  10. Only use reusable shopping bags
  11. Avoid bottled water at all costs and invest in a reusable water bottle instead
  12. Bring your lunch to work or school in reusable containers
  13. Buy organic, local food from a farmer’s market or CSA program
  14. Buy fair trade certified products whenever possible
  15. Compost food scraps and biodegradable waste
  16. Participate in Meatless Mondays
  17. Clean with environmentally-friendly cleaning products
  18.  Line dry clothing instead of wasting energy with a dryer
  19. Wash clothing on the cold water setting
  20. Come to Arlington’s Special Event…the Energy Journey Game!


By: Ali Minarcik

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