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The “Greening” of Pet Care with PetMAC

PetMAC was one of the early registrants for Green Games Retail, so Green Games staff caught up with owner, Cindy Williams, to get some details on the store’s current sustainability practices and goals with the program.

  • What initiatives is PetMAC taking to make the store more sustainable through energy and water conservation?

PetMAC only uses compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in the store and always adjusts the thermostat when the store is empty.  Additionally, PetMAC has been on board with the Green Games longer than most current participants; PetMAC signed the Retail Doors pledge campaign last year.  The store hopes to learn new ways to become more energy efficient and sustainable through the Green Games program.

  • What is PetMAC’s greatest energy-saving success and what challenges did staff face when implementing it?

Buying more sustainable or environmentally-friendly products has been PetMAC’s success and basis for the store, but it is difficult sometimes when the price is just too high for the consumer.

  • How is PetMAC engaging customers and staff in actions being taken to save energy and be greener?

PetMAC strives to maintain a wide selection of green products.  The store offers all-natural, organic, soy-free, wheat-free pet foods and treats.  Plus the toys sold in store are made from boiled wool (which are long lasting and renewable), natural ingredients (bones, antlers, etc.), recycled rubber, and recycled plastic.  Pet bowls are made from sustainable bamboo and stainless steel and shampoos, soaps, and bug repellant are natural.

  • Did you know that consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on the sustainability of businesses? How is PetMAC marketing its achievements to attract customers? 

PetMAC is very active on Facebook for posting promotions of adoptions and green animal tips.  The store also proudly displays the Retail Doors window cling.

  •  What efforts is PetMAC making to “think globally, act locally?”

PetMAC supports local shelters and locally-made products.  One interesting product example are these cat trees ( made by a guy in Philly that uses only scrap carpet from building construction that would have ended up in the landfill.

  • How does PetMAC consider the environment when making purchasing decisions or selling products?

PetMAC sells only all-natural foods that contain no chemical preservatives or animal by-products.  The store works closely with local rescue groups to help homeless dogs and cats find their forever families, and they donate a portion of every purchase to their rescue partners to help them in the life-saving work they do. Donations are based on percentage of sales.

  • Is PetMAC using innovative efforts that set the store apart from others and show its dedication to protecting the environment?

Beyond the actions they take to make the store its very best from a sustainability perspective, PetMAC also sells reusable bags at checkout so that clients can expand upon their own environmental commitments when shopping.

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