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Get the “Green” Scoop: Elevation Burger

Green Games staff recently interviewed with Lisa W. Vohra, Co-Owner, and Patty Wentworth, Area Director, at Elevation Burger for some insights about the restaurant’s sustainability practices.  Elevation Burger is currently competing in the Arlington Green Games and looking to expand upon the commitments and efforts already underway to reduce their environmental impact.

  • What initiatives is Elevation Burger taking to make the restaurant more sustainable through energy and water conservation?

Elevation Burger was quite literally built with sustainability in mind.  The store was built using LEED criteria, incorporating things like daylighting, energy-efficient lighting, appliances and equipment; water-efficient fixtures; and products made from sustainable materials. 

  • What is Elevation Burger’s greatest energy-saving success?

Building the store based on LEED criteria was a challenging process, but has proven to be of great value and benefit.  When some of the energy bills of the store are lower than those of a single-family home, the financial savings are undeniable and make a tremendous business case for having invested in the environmentally-minded approach!

  • How is Elevation Burger engaging customers and staff in actions being taken to save energy and be greener?

Elevation Burger staff are provided an orientation that covers actions such as turning off lights when not needed and using programmable thermostats. 

  •  How is Elevation Burger marketing its achievements to attract customers?

For customers, the stores themselves include signage about the company’s environmentally-minded choices and practices.  Additionally, Elevation Burger’s website details the company philosophy, which is based in offering products that make a difference in the lives of their customers as well as the environment.

  • What efforts is Elevation Burger making to “think globally, act locally”?

Elevation Burger works with its suppliers to source local food whenever possible.

  • How does Elevation Burger consider the environment when making purchasing decisions or selling products?

Elevation Burger has found multiple ways to walk the environmental talk:

All beef is 100% USDA-certified organic, 100% grass-fed, 100% free-range, and 100% ground-on-premises.
Fries are prepared in 100% olive oil and many other food products are gluten-free.
All cleaning products are non-toxic and many are made from natural materials like eucalyptus and cloves.
Most paper products are made from recycling content.
No foil or plastic bags are used in product packaging.

Elevation Burger also participates in the Dominion Green Power program.  Through this program, Elevation Burger buys Green-e Energy certified renewable energy certificates (RECs), which guarantees that renewable energy is generated and delivered to the power pool.

  • Is Elevation Burger using innovative efforts that set the restaurant apart from others and show its dedication to protecting the environment?

One innovative idea was the creation of a new menu item based on a product that was previously being discarded – iceberg hearts!  There is now a salad on the menu made from those iceberg hearts, reducing waste.  Another innovative technique is the recycling of fryer oil. 

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