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The “Greening” of Casual Adventure

Green Games staff recently interviewed Neil Stern, Eric Stern, and Dave Haggerty of Casual Adventure for some insights about the retailer’s sustainability practices and goals.  Casual Adventure is currently competing in the Arlington Green Games and looking to expand upon the commitments and efforts already underway to reduce their environmental impact.

  • What initiatives is Casual Adventure taking to make the store more sustainable through energy efficiency?

Casual Adventure has initiated a lighting upgrade in the store.  Track lighting has been upgraded with LEDs and other display lighting has been upgraded with T4s; additional upgrades are planned too.     

  • How does Casual Adventure engage customers and staff in actions being taken to save energy and be greener

Product suppliers visit the store and provide staff with environmentally-friendly details on the products being sold, arming staff with the information they need to communicate this to customers.

For customers, nearly every display in Casual Adventure provides details about the products being shown, highlighting the environmental aspects of the company and/or product itself, i.e. clothing made from recycled plastic bottles.  Casual Adventure’s website highlights environmentally-minded products offered in-store, as well.

  • Did you know that consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on the sustainability of businesses? How is Casual Adventure marketing its achievements to attract customers? 

Casual Adventure is part of the Grassroots Outdoors Alliance, a unique group of independent outdoor retailers whose shared values include supporting local economies and enabling long-term environmental good for the great outdoors.

  • What efforts is Casual Adventure making to “think globally, act locally?”

Casual Adventure connects with the local community:

Supports and donates to Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment (ACE), Arlington Outdoor Education Association, and Potomac Overlook Regional Park.
Collects ANY new or used clothing for donation to the Arlington Street People’s Assistance Network (A-SPAN).
Serves as a vendor for a local scarf-maker!
Refers any customers interested in embroidery to an Arlington-based shop.

  • How does Casual Adventure consider the environment when making purchasing decisions or selling products?

Casual Adventure carefully selects its suppliers based on their own company philosophies.  Companies with a commitment to humanitarianism are top picks, including Patagonia, Smartwool, and Chaco.

  • Is Casual Adventure using innovative efforts that set the store apart from others and show its dedication to protecting the environment?

Casual Adventure’s building location is ideal for a solar installation as it is south-facing, maximizing sun exposure, so they plan to pursue the possibility further – after they maximize energy efficiency within the building!