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Walk to Work Day is Every Day for Me!

I walk to work nearly every day. My walk is about a mile and a quarter, depending on which route I choose and takes about 25 minutes. I can walk the direct (but hilly) route. I can go the main roads route. If it’s a really nice day, I might pick a wandering route. I check the weather when I wake up, but it doesn’t always match what is happening when I walk out the door so I have been caught off guard without my rain boots. This week I walked to work in the snow. I got to enjoy the blossoming pink cherry trees covered in sparkling white.

My walking commute lets me clear my head and stop thinking about the dishes I didn’t wash or the emails I have to write. I now recognize some people who are on a similar schedule. I used to see the same woman running with her dog every morning. She’s since changed her course but I know that she is still running, because I’ve seen her in new places when I’ve changed my route.

Walking is also the best chance I have all day to stretch my legs. I wear sneakers for my commute and change my shoes when I get to the office. My feet and my shoes thank me. I carry a backpack instead of a purse or shoulder bag to keep my hands free and keep me walking with better posture.

Join me next Wednesday, April 3 for national Walk to Work Day! If you don’t live close enough to work to walk the whole way, consider getting off of the metro early, or parking your car or bike further from the office than you normally do. Try to walk at least 15 minutes for your commute. Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll have a beautiful spring day!

To learn more about walking in Arlington, visit this Arlington Transportation Partners website.


By: Jeannine Altavilla