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Sum-Sum Summertime!

It’s “almost” one of the most exciting times of the year…summer!  Summertime is practically synonymous with vacation, travel, and relaxation.  Why not add eco-conscious to that list as well?

Changes in the seasons also dictate changes in behavior.  Instead of heating your home, you will cool it.  Instead of hibernating indoors, you may seek fun and interesting outdoor activities.  Instead of school or work, you may travel to far and distant places.  Make the environment a factor in these decisions too!

Here are some of my favorite tips for gearing up for summer:

  • When you are ready to switch from heating equipment to cooling equipment, look first at ways to naturally ventilate and cool your home by using your windows and blinds.  And remember to schedule a check-up on your equipment before you make the switch!
  • With the additional sunlight hours in the summer, it’s a great time to harness any daylight you can!  Take advantage of the sunlight and use less artificial light whenever possible.
  • Retreating to the outdoors more often means your home is occupied less (requiring less air conditioning), so it’s a prime time to set the schedule on that programmable thermostat.
  • Pack your eco-minded behaviors with you when you travel!  It may not be your home or your car or your local community, but it is your world too.  Practice conservation even when you are far from home by turning off lights when you leave, looking for public transportation options, and eating local foods.

Get details on these tips, and learn a few more from these great resources:

Happy Summer!

By:  Sarah O’Connell