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I am one of the numerically inclined members of the AIRE team so many of my blog posts have a lot of numbers and charts in them, but to me today’s topic has very little to do with the numbers, and very much to do with common sense and comfort. I have a water bottle at work that I use daily and several at home that I take with me all the time.

From an energy standpoint, the issue is a no-brainer for me. The water you use in Arlington is local. The infrastructure for your (seemingly) endless supply is already in place and at your fingertips. Bottled water, on the other hand, comes from a non local source, or even from across the globe. Its containers must be manufactured (using energy), the water bottled (using energy), packed (using energy), and shipped, (using energy). Then you have to make sure you have it on hand when you need it! Then after all is said and done, you are left with a bottle that you need to recycle. That’s a lot of energy.

My favorite place to take a water bottle is to the airport. You might think it’s funny that I have a favorite place to use a water bottle, but I suppose we all have some quirky favorites. Everything at the airport and on the plane is expensive. I bring an empty water bottle in my carry-on to the airport and make my way through security. Once through security, I find a water fountain and fill up my water bottle. It’s amazing how something as simple as having my own water bottle improves my traveling experience.

Tap IN Arlington: Say NO to bottled H2O, is a campaign launched at the beginning of 2013 by a group of community volunteers who are educating Arlington residents about the cost and environmental impact of single-use plastic water bottles, and about the alternatives to using these plastic water bottles. Their goal is to get 10,000 Arlingtonians (including those who work here!) to sign a petition to commit to choose to drink tap water instead of purchasing single-use plastic water bottles. Sign the pledge to join them!

Need a place to fill the water bottle you’re now using? TapIt is building a national network of stores and cafes that let the public fill up their water bottles with clean tap water. You can search locations on their website, or use their iPhone app to locate a place to refill when you’re on the go.

And P.S. – for the coffee drinkers out there, remember that you can use mugs or reusable coffee cups at home and at your local coffee shop. If you get your daily dose of caffeine in the form of soda (or even just like a few bubbles in your water), try a Soda Stream. The system’s bottles are reusable!

By: Jeannine Altavilla