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‘I’ve Got the Power’……Green Power

One of our staff members brought in this letter from Dominion, congratulating and thanking her for supporting new wind, solar, and biomass facilities in the region through their Green Power Purchase program. Her support in 2012 was the equivalent of planting 98 trees, or not driving 8,631 miles. Check it out!

We were even more excited to learn that Arlington is the top-performing city in Virginia for green power purchases. Way to go Arlington!

You can participate too by visiting: There are a few options for participation, and the cost to participate is just 1.3 cents additional per kilowatt-hour. How many kilowatt-hours do you use each month?   According to Dominion, a customer that uses 1,000 kilowatt-hours per month who is enrolled in the 100% Option for one year will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8 metric tons – the same greenhouse gas reduction provided by removing one and a half cars from the road for one year.

We are very excited to continue to see that Arlingtonians are leading the way in reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions. Keep up the good work!

By: Kelly Zonderwyk

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