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Energy Journey Game

Be a player in this interactive life-size board game.


Our Energy Journey Game helps you challenge yourself on everyday actions that have an energy impact as you journey down a path of decisions and chance!  

We played this life-size energy board game with the community twice in 2013.  Stay tuned for future 2014 dates to be announced.  To be notified when the next Energy Journey is scheduled, sign up below.

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We unveiled this unique event to over 400 enthusiastic players of all ages back in February 2013, and played it again in October 2013 with about 200 players.  Here’s what some had to say:

“Just wanted you to know that I continue to recall many of the energy choices that I made in the game as I face energy choices during my daily life.  I think that the game was very effective in highlighting efficient choices, although I must confess that I am not always making the decision that I made in the game.  Still, at least I feel guilty when I stray, which should lead me to stray less often.  Great job.  I only wish that I had spread the word to more friends.  I just didn’t know that it would be this good.” – Mark

“Great event! Very innovative and fun approach to energy education!” – Michael

“Great idea and excellent way to educate/engage all age groups!” – Jamal

Learn more through the Sun Gazette’s article  – click here.  And, be sure to check out our video below.

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