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EVs aren’t just a dream!

Although I haven’t driven one yet, I see them on the road every now and again, including the one we have in the County fleet.  I’m hopeful there will be a day when their appearance is more frequent.  Now that public charging stations are more readily available, like the one I snapped a picture of yesterday, that doesn’t seem too far off.

There is just one minor issue here…the station was empty!  The infrastructure is available, now it’s time to make use of it.  I realize that an individual may only ever car shop a handful of times in his/her lifetime, and that may not be now, or even soon, but let’s keep electric vehicles out there as viable options.  The more we ask and demand them, the more choices we will have and the more stations will be available.

If you are already an owner of an electric vehicle, YAHOO!  Check out this link for a map of charging stations to refuel:

By:  Sarah O’Connell