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outdoor-boot-camp-3I hadn’t thought much about the fact that my current workout regime of choice is actually an eco-friendly one, not until a colleague came across this article and shared with me.  I just had to blog about this today because it’s another example of my life passions crossing paths!  Fitness and environmental awareness.

I am not a member of CrossFit featured in the above article, but I am enrolled in a fitness boot camp program, which has many similarities.  Both are cross-training programs that focus on ways to use and move your body in ways that keep you challenged and motivated with lots of new and different things, rather than leaving you bored with too much repetition.  Here are the two biggest eco-highlights that enhance this regime:

  1. We do not use any electric machines.  We get our resistance work from bands, free weights, TRX straps, medicine balls, jump ropes and boxing bags.  To run, we hit the pavement outside or the turf inside.  No energy waste there.
  2. We do not have a full-time facility to operate.  First off, most of the boot camps are outdoors, year-round.  Indoor programs share spaces in industrialized buildings, using garage doors for primary ventilation.  Co-location is an excellent way to more effectively and efficiently use space.

Many of you may have witnessed boot camp programs while traveling around town, some of you may not have even known that’s what they were!  These types of programs have been around for quite some time, and are continuing to gain popularity.  And this eco-chic is pretty happy about that!

How green is your routine?

By:  Sarah O’Connell