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Looking for an eco-minded read?

Whenever I have a spare few moments to myself, which are often hard to come by as a full-time working mom, I tap into one of my personal passions.  One big one is reading.  It’s calming and [usually] exciting at the same time.  As someone who came to enjoy reading much later in life, I’m discovering how great it is that reading helps to expand my vocabulary as well.

I just finished up my latest book and tapped into my Amazon “wish list” from my Kindle.  Since I wasn’t much into books pre-Kindle, it is my go-to source for any reading material.  It makes book shopping and travel so much more convenient!  I digress, back to the point here.  My wish list is a collection of recommended reads from friends, co-workers, and doctors, plus a few NY Times best sellers.  Nothing there today piqued my interest, so I sought the next best source, Google.  I considered one of my other passions, the environment, and googled away.

I found exactly what I was looking for…a article titled ‘The 5 best environmental book of all time.’  Well, from one news reporter anyway!  The list sounds pretty fair though, none are new titles to me, although I have not read them all.  All those I haven’t read are being added to my “wish list” and now all I have to decide is which one comes first!

What do you think of this list?  You have any worth adding?

By:  Sarah O’Connell