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LEAP Home Energy Check-Up

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The Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), the non-profit that operates the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR program in central and northern Virginia, will be performing Home Energy Check-Ups in the following area of Arlington in the coming weeks:

  • Arlington North 22207 (Donaldson Run & Bellvue Forest) – Nov 18 – 22

In this Home Energy Check-Up, you will get an evaluation of your home’s energy efficiency by Mike Hogan, a LEAP energy expert and BPI Certified Energy Auditor. Where needed, Mike will install energy efficient light bulbs, smart power strips, water pipe insulation, and more.  It will get you started on immediate energy saving measures for your home, as well as a roadmap towards an ENERGY STAR home. To fully understand a home’s energy usage, the homeowner will need to provide a copy of the latest electric and gas bills at the Home Energy Check-Up.

NOTE: More neighborhoods and dates are being added all of the time, if you want your neighborhood to participate, please contact LEAP at (703) 642-4639 or to let them know.

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Price: $45
Discounted to $35 for participating neighborhood

The value of this package is estimated at well over $300 in goods, savings, and professional advice.  The low price of $45 is made possible with the support of the Dominion Residential Home Energy Check-Up program and DOE grant funding.

For more information, visit the LEAP website or email LEAP at