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Tips for and Energy-Efficient Turkey Day

Our pals over at the Alliance to Save Energy have some good tips for you this Turkey Day and we need to share!

As stated in today’s Alliance newsletter…

  • Use the correct size pan for your stove burner! This keeps extra heat from escaping and burning a hole in your wallet.
  • If you are hosting a large gathering this Thanksgiving use a cooler stocked with ice to hold drinks. You’ll free up space in your refrigerator and prevent cold air from escaping from frequent door openings. This will save you energy and money on your next electric bill.
  • The more freely the air moves in your oven the more efficiently it operates, so don’t cover your oven racks with foil. This saves you both roasting time and money.
  • Every time you open the oven door while roasting your turkey you lose up to 25 degrees of heat – costing you time and money – use the light to check on the progress of your dinner!

For more tips to have an energy-efficient Thanksgiving check out the Alliance’s Blog to Save Energy.

We also found this fascinating infographic from TXU Energy about the cost of Thanksgiving!  Check it:


By:  Sarah O’Connell