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Students Ask: Turn Off Your Lights

HB Woodlawn Earth Force students would like to bring attention to the growing problem of light pollution and the deleterious effects the disappearing night sky is having on human health and our watershed as a whole.

To help raise awareness of this problem, we are asking all Arlington residences and businesses to turn off or dim unnecessary lights & draw shades for a 30 minute period beginning at 10 pm on April 26th, Arlington Earth Day. This event also coincides with International Dark Sky Week and the peak migration of birds over our region. During that 30 minute period, we would like all Arlingtonians to go outside and view the lovely dark and starry night sky.

Studies have linked various cancers to over-exposure to artificial lighting, including breast and prostate cancer. Some amphibians have been show to come out later to feed and are missing their prey opportunities. Millions of birds die each year by flying into tall artificially lit buildings. Algae continues to grow excessively at night under the artificial lights polluting streams, and nitric oxides and C02 (a greenhouse gas) and SO2 are building up contributing to pollution.

Please help us by turning off the lights on AprilĀ 26 from 10:00 PM – 10:30 PM to raise awareness of these problems.

By: Samara Cathirell, HB Woodlawn Sixth Grade Earth Force

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